• Ostatní 17.01.2012

    Silent for a long time Hong Kong milk powder “waves of snapping up” again again. Individual brand milk due to the end of the replacement formulations and packaging, delivery delays, retail prices rose by 10% per cent. In addition, the Dragon “baby boomers” approach of Hong Kong and the mainland markets increased demand for milk, the two parents flocked “milk-bashing”.

    Hong Kong media reported that the approaching lunar new year, with Hong Kong parents call the media complaints, buy milk powder has become increasingly difficult in the near future and passed through a number of pharmacies still come away empty-handed, or even baby to travel together, pharmacy staff Ken sold 1 cans of milk powder; sometimes even if the “head-bashing” formula, the retail price of 10% per cent higher than usual, really worried that last year’s milk powder “rush tide” appears again.

    Pharmacy, President of the General Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong said Liu Aiguo, the Dragon “baby boomers” letting rush demand for milk powder in Hong Kong and the Mainland, “if only the local Dragon baby and afraid, must have powdered milk to eat, because hundreds of suppliers to follow. But dragons sweep the milk your baby’s needs as well as parallel imports from the Mainland on numerous be taken into account, this is the most worrying “. He also said the Chamber of Commerce recently reflect industry concerns to the milk powder manufacturers, both sides agreed to meet again to discuss after the Lunar solution.


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