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    The China Securities Journal reporters recently learned, brewing local pension market has long been a major breakthrough, a province in South China $ 100 billion Endowment Fund has been allowed to be referred to the operation of the National Social Security Fund Council, will begin to invest in the first quarter. Analysts believe that the new money would boost stock and bond markets.

    Have long discussions about the operation of the pension problem, after the views of parties on pension stocks there are certain differences. DAI Xianglong, President of the National Social Security Fund Council, recently said that, it is recommended that qualified pensions invested in stocks as a percentage. He stressed that stock market investment of pension means the revolving nature reserve, accumulating, and stability of the Pension Fund, rather than receive pay pensions.

    It is estimated that at present the national social security fund of about $ 800 billion in assets, $ 100 billion in new operating funding will expand the scale of the national social security fund investment. Analysts believe that Endowment capital preservation and appreciation of the need for, and that 100 billion yuan of funds will first invest in fixed income assets, is also a significant proportion of investment markets. From the present structure of national social security fund investment and operation of assets, a rough estimate into the stock market probably in-30%.


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