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    The Red Guards insisted that his suicide against the “Cultural Revolution”, to be labeled as “current counter-revolutionary”, and despite Wu wife against the the corpse pulled Hospital cesarean autopsy, prove that died of acute viral dysentery. Cut open the corpse has not been stitched, has been forced to pull the cremation plant cremation. Wu Xinghua was born in 1921, died when he was only 45 years old. Wu widow and two young daughters were forced out, and only get to the Haidian town secured a houses shelter to live.

    Wu Xinghua died three weeks after the night of August 1966, Yu generative force during the day was denounced after the evening put home alone in bed moaning, not long and rushed into the room, another group of Red Guards tugging Yu hair drag on the bed, followed by wild guesses head against the wall, let it confessed the crime.

    Yu Shi argue, the Red Guards simply, he was hundreds of female professors clearance wrestled, Phi light upper body, beaten copper head belt, straight play Yu large generative force in Montreal Luangun wail without a break, fainted, Red Guards to home things confiscated, loaded on trucks and taken away. Night, lost consciousness in the wake Yu large generative force can no longer tolerate such an insult, serving a large number of sleeping pills to commit suicide. … This is the first female professor of Peking suicide.

    Yu Tai the generative force the husband Tsang Chiu-lun is the Zeng Guofan great-grandchildren, a famous chemist, a former Beijing University Provost, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Higher Education and other key positions in 1957 because of the “Six professors event was labeled a rightist and dismissed, and the following year transferred to the College of Chemistry Department of “political transformation work.” Mrs. Yu generative force of death spread to Wuhan, and Tsang Chiu whirl cancer fainted. After the start of the “Cultural Revolution”, Zeng whirl by the rebels at the School to political campaigns, and the number of times the belt and beat, was tortured to death on December 8, 1967.

    And after the death of Tsang Chiu-lun, no corpses, the school authorities of any deterioration rotting in a single dormitory bed. Thanks to Zeng a nephew came to visit his uncle from the field, to see such a tragic scene, looking for a flatbed truck from the outside, tearful Tsang Chiu whirl transport the body to the crematorium, and later the ashes thrown in the Yangtze River.

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    Ms. Liu to go out that day to buy food back to see her husband “Nirvana” fire, grief intersection, the desire Red Guards theory, the result was the Red Guards knocked to the ground, lift upside down and then press into a tank of suffocation LIU Pan died. Surprising, and Liu couples headlong forcibly inserted into the tank as much pupils involved in the beatings, and Liu’s son began to see that the parents have a life-threatening, they went to the school authorities request siege of Beijing Normal University, but no one come forward to express their sympathy and go to stop the atrocities of the Red Guards.

    June 18, 1966, the university campus known as the “June 18″ event. Saw Red Guards frantically rushed the Chinese Department office arresting party branch secretary Cheng Kensaku process caught on and fled hurriedly actually burst into the ladies room. A female staff member under the toilet after the first surprise woke up and rushed to the door to attempts to prevent carrying waistband, the final process Kensaku or Red Guards from the toilet and kick out anti-twisting arms, sent to a dark room makeup dress “bet “Doo ghost station” denounced straight bucket to the surface, such as ashes fainting audience.

    On this day, along with Cheng Kensaku beat bucket Peking University professor more than 60 people, many people in political campaigns, has been severely beaten. The next day, the process Kensaku in one hand and a flask of whiskey in one hand and holding a bottle of dichlorvos “poison the gate of Peking University has been to the West. Afternoon, it was the corpse of the process discovered in Xiangshan one under the tree away arms round a small tree at the bottom of his face reveals the pain of his death, around a dichlorvos poison bottle lying not far down.

    Yenching University Department of Spanish is the Zhao Luorui, the otherwise the YU large generative force, Hu Jia Yi and Youth Professor Wu Xinghua three teachers, all entered the North Western Languages ​​Professor Ren departments adjustment in 1952. In 1957, Hu Jia Yi and Wu Xinghua was classified as a “rightist” the YU large generative force, two Zhao Luorui, the husband of the female professors Tsang Chiu whirl, Meng-home is classified as a “rightist”.

    After the start of the “Cultural Revolution”, Wu Xinghua is classified as “labor camp” and subjected to the Red Guards beatings and confiscation of goods. August 3, 1966, the “reform through labor” in the school under the hot sun, parched with thirst, was made overseer of the Red Guards to discuss water to drink. Several supervision, cruelty to him as punishment for his request, on the night of Wu Xinghua wife pull off the gas go home soon.

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    Chinese supermarket is no better Chicago Chinatown Chinese supermarket, cramped, matter reluctant Returns, often buy expired food, a supermarket even put up posters, accused of guests demands the return of much ado about nothing. In this “customer is God”, which the Chinese supermarket is still stuck in the old days! The brightly lit, spacious and comfortable, modern operating large supermarket immeasurably in Korea, Japan, but in order to buy his hometown taste, or have to bite the bullet and go to patronize.

    Of course, bad service is not only that exist in Chinatown. Poor service attitude of the big city, which is understandable: daily from so many people who are so good patience? In fact, I admire these services, they can say four or five languages, Mandarin, Cantonese, Teochew, Vietnamese, English, etc. will say that people in restaurants and supermarkets. And want cheap want good service, and the world is not such a thing of beauty.

    Furniture brand IKEA is a cheap furniture in the United States, provided patronized the IKEA people probably have experience of the lukewarm attitude of their staff. My friend bought in IKEA furniture to allow them to delivery, she lived in a doorman’s apartment, usually have to work specifically asked them to send before letting her results IKEA or send without warning, and naturally no answer should , go home. My friend angrily demands the return of Ikea but still wanted her to pay a delivery charge, repeated wrangling finally settle.

    But about that I encountered the worst service in the Atlanta airport, passengers rarely, a black female security have checked my documents and boarding passes, and gave me the time before I caught on to let go , something off the ground, she casually said sorry and walked away, I thought to myself, you can not say she was racial discrimination, while I embarrassed picking up, the side of the heart the phrenic should ah.


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    I am an American friend a few years ago in the Chicago North Chinatown, a famous Chinese restaurant to eat, this restaurant places narrow business is hot, overcrowded. Is eating, two Chinese chefs also carrying a whole roasted pig dripping hot oil hallway while, straight from Houchu to selling roast the window toward the front door, and the United States everyone stunned.

    The above scenario is difficult to see in the Chinese restaurant, the Americans For services conduct a set of default rules, a delicious meal, but do not want to see the background of all the operations, let alone this practice unsanitary. Common U.S. restaurant waiters, shopkeepers, cooks and even with their families in their spare time chatting, watching TV, eating, not evasive Guests, can be considered a scene in the Chinese restaurant. But we all have become accustomed to, and also feel very home style.

    Everyone knows that the American restaurant services in general, especially in Chinatown are not worried about business. American waiter wages already very low, one of my students told me that her hourly rate, less than $ 3 a waiter, much lower than the minimum wage law, thanks to a tip survival.

    Tip how much depends on the quality of the service, and vice versa, because the Chinese people are not customary to tip in restaurants services are naturally more bad, and the whole vicious cycle. We have a great reputation Sichuan restaurant to eat hot pot buffet waiter fear is new to understand, give us a second plate of shrimp, foreman seeing this in public to his scolding the meal, people eat the mood gone - and why?


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    2012-13 season, the NBA regular season continues on January 26, the Oklahoma City Thunder 105-95 win over the Sacramento Kings, the King suffered a three-game losing streak.

    Four score (the Thunder former) :27-30,31-21,28-16,19-28. Thunder Durant 24 points and 11 rebounds, 5 assists, Westbrook 18 points and 14 assists, Kevin - Martin 24 points; Kings alcaucin 14 points and eight rebounds, Thompson 14 points, 16 points, 13 points, Thornton, Evans .

    Kings 16-5 perfect start

    King opening surprising 16-5 leading Thunder test the Sings and Thompson ruled the paint, while Durant and Westbrook blacksmith constantly. However the state gradually picked up the first half after the holiday, Thunder, Westbrook and Kevin - Martin backcourt combination of continuous meritorious deeds, the first section to the end of the Thunder 27-30, 3 points behind.

    Martin even soared 9 points can not be stopped

    Kevin - Martin into the sect chopped 9 points, Durant then hit in the cast, the Thunder Section II opening soon 38-37 ahead 1 point. Next Kings Thornton threes, to help the team get ahead again, but Durant and Westbrook Gemini Qi outbreak of the end of the first half the Thunder 58-51 go-ahead by 7 points.

    Thunder lift offensive climax

    The poor state, King of the opening into the second half, Durant, Sefolosha series Jiangong, Thunder 67-53 leading 14 points. Next, the Thunder Isiah - Thomas, Cousins ​​and Evans series succeeded, but the Thunder offensive more ferocious, Westbrook, Ibaka and Martin continue Jiangong last 1 minute 86-61 lead 25 points much. Fortunately, Evans, Robinson 6-0 climax, the final stage in the third quarter to the end of the King’s three 67-86 catch short of 19 points.

    King three-game losing streak

    Small game, Thomas - Robinson, Outlaw CIC series succeeded, the king catch only a thin 15 points. But Durant next free throw, layup scored 2 points, Collison and Reggie Jackson - Jiangong, Thunder in 7 minutes left in turn extended the advantage to 20 points or more. The game has now entered garbage time, the Kings three defeats.

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    ["Ci Shiping really flat]

    Compared with the previous few seasons, Ci Shiping shooting has improved significantly, but the the factors Ci Shiping core strength or stiffness often the act of shooting, Xu Jicheng said: “Ci Shiping shot really very flat, his power is too full, which led to his shot when it is difficult to control the good forces, the ball is often introduced to the parabola is flat. shot Ci Shiping should try to increase height, enhance parabolic strengthen ball rotation for his shooting accuracy significantly enhance the anticipation rebounding for Ron Xu Jicheng also said: “Ci Shiping is ‘intermittent’ Rodman, he sometimes the rebounds placement to judge the accuracy of the really very Rodman imagine. ”

    [Lakers demonstration team of non-combat team]

    Since the introduction of the Los Angeles Lakers after Nash and Howard, a lot of people think that the Lakers are one of the most entertaining teams of the league, has its own view for that Xu Jicheng. He said: “from the point of view of the performance of the season, the Lakers just a demonstration team, rather than a combat team If you just look at the performances, they have the best score Bryant Nash and most will pass, but they saw the most combat capability ‘old fish’ and Barnes trading away this Lakers team is not a fighting team, just a performing team. ”

    [Laker Hollywood acting "]

    The fourth quarter, the Lakers will lead expanded to 15 points or more, but this time on the bench the Lakers players are different expressions. Xu Jicheng said: “Bryant look of contemplation, he was thinking how to play the next game, he is the team leader. Gasol did not dare to offend him, because he is very depressed, the audience no smile Howard continue a look of the older children, no matter win or lose, smile on his face, so you see the Lakers players are Hollywood acting. ”

    [Distant point away from Gasol]

    The game, Gasol shot 7, got 15 points and 7 rebounds, For this performance, “said Xu Jicheng: Gasol recently irritated, we had better stay away from him, you see him every attack is to go straight to the basket, which is rare in the previous game. estimated Gasol is also gambling breath, in fact, Gasol the basis of this tough inside play, which he should after strengthened, he more and more away from his style of play, the Lakers will be happy. “

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    December 19, Mavericks home American Airlines Center against the Philadelphia 76ers eventually Mavericks 107 100 victory over the 76ers, ending Ray Ban Cats Outlet a bitter three-game losing streak. After the game the 76ers coach Collins attended the conference.

    Speaking of his team’s performance tonight, he thinks that their team was very good, he Fashion RB Sunglasses is proud of their team. Collins that he Ray Ban was not a spiritual victory, but 76 players tonight really fighting, just Discount Ray Ban Sunglasses Hot Sale Online Official Shop For Australia as Dallas better attack, 76 people applied pressure, and also caught 76 people’s weaknesses.

    In the final stages of the game, Collins talked about the team can not stop the Mavericks scored the Mavericks team can not suppress in the paint. 76 people in the final stages of the tactics is to force the Mavericks shot, but the Mavericks did get the opportunity to attack the basket, especially layup opportunity Mayo that two or three times http://www.raybansunglasses-au.com/ in a row, the 76ers get frustrated.

    When a reporter asked why not seize the third quarter to flip the score, Collins was not good in the first half of the game, the 76ers, so in the midfield when he told the team in the second period, 76 Mavericks missed only four balls, so he did not think his team is not easily at halftime gave the other 57 minutes. Therefore, in the third quarter, 76 players stood out six consecutive successful offensive. And in the last minute of the third quarter, 76 players are left to their own section IV of the Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses opportunity to continue to fight.

    For tonight’s game, Collins Wilkins tonight’s performance to his satisfaction, because Wilkins tonight be able to move the ball to the 76-point shooters open shots. But for New Ray Ban Turner, he was very sorry, because Collins purported Turner the defensive each other’s point guard, organizations 76ers defensive formation and the main ball. But in that case, Collins think Turner’s task is too onerous, Ray Ban Sunglasses but Turner’s performance tonight made head coach was pleased. In addition to the two players, Collins also named in recognition of the Halls and Wright.

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    On December 19, the NBA regular season to continue, Heat sits vs. Western powerhouse Minnesota, killing one after the after the game, the Ray Ban Outlet UK Heat eventually 103-92 Ray Ban Cats Outlet win over the Timberwolves. Campaign Save 75% OFF Genuine Ray Ban Sunlgasses Clearance Online Shop For UK Heat to break the routine, The game rebounds less than the other half (24:52) still easily beat the visiting Minnesota Timberwolves 103 92. Saihousibo the game.

    The race is closer than the result, even when leading 19 points, we need to redouble go snatching rebounds to avoid failure. “Rebounds than the first half, the Heat and Timberwolves 10 28, Section I is exaggerated 3 to Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses 18, in talking about the Timberwolves rebounding Spoelstra still haunt “I’ve never seen this data, they (Timberwolves) completely destroyed, although the second half I think we have improved a lot, they are still able to find many opportunities (to go to complete the 2nd attack), the only thing we http://www.iraybansunglassesuk.com/ can do is stuck in position and then the ball out to play, let the other players to scramble. “

    Due to the premature entry of garbage Ray Ban UK time, Loew playing only 32 minutes but grabbed 18 rebounds, Peicovici also grabbed 12 rebounds, Spoelstra said, “They have huge hands and good instincts (grab rebounds), they will be stuck in the body position and then fall into the hands of waiting rebounds and forced us to make adjustments, try to snatching a team rebounds, we know that when Ray Ban Hot Sale we focus on rebounding, we will not be afraid of anyone. “

    Reporter asked how to win the game in so many circumstances behind the backboard, Crespo think rebounding is very important, but not all, “(win) there are many other factors, steals, assists, blocked shots, and if you are in the playoffs to examine the data and to assess, Buy Ray Ban Glasses rebounding is not necessarily the most critical one. “

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    Su Tong is a writer born in the 1960s. Generation in general has a strong tendency to mysticism. The one hand, they believe in fortune-telling, a premonition, that God, the Buddha like traditional folk superstition, on the other hand also believe in inalienable mystical doctrine of the “blood type and personality like from overseas. This mysticism of thought on the one hand is the mentality of modern society, people feel apprehensive in the ever-changing life in an attempt to grasp their own destiny appeared, on the other hand has a certain significance to explore the mystery of human nature. From this perspective, it might be Su Tong’s novel, a mysterious blood gas, blood ties attunement as generation writers approached mysticism thought proof. Su Tong, the above conjecture is indeed open the reader to explore the idea of humanity.

    Su Tong in his Ray Ban Sale novella “1934 escape begins, there is the hero,” I want to explore the source of my blood “theme. Grandfather Chan Po-years is the landlord, the grandmother Chiang Kai-shek and his is a long-term basis, they will be linked, Chan Po-year libido. Chiang Kai-shek and his child born inherits Chan Po-years of brutal tyranny, she “suddenly think of the human species gas doped full evil, like the sun and the moon running natural convergence.” Depicted in the novel the Chan Po annual town rely on operating bamboo fortune when, also enchant the mysterious cause of blood contact: “I just think of maple poplar human blood in bamboo factor. In addition, the novel about landlords Chen Wen-governance a white jade canopic jars, the designed mining teen girl’s essence and blood must be a description of the drug, further rendering the novel’s mysterious imply. To the House of the novella “poppy”, the the writers more description of the wanton indulgence of landlord Liu Laoxia “Wang blood gas very chaotic, the blood disorder no good descendants”, the results of several offspring are deformed children. “Family line to play with the farming grain is not the same as you put the effort spent all the above, do not necessarily have a good harvest. …… The person’s blood gas will not last forever, just like the old Liu, a good blood gas generation single pass Chencao generation miscellaneous , miscellaneous defeat, which is the law of heredity. “This kind of talk express the thinking of the writers the mystery blood gas with family fate. China has never had “a gentleman of Chak V and chopped”, “rich, but three generations” and other Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses phrases, fate beckons’s hard to resist. Su Tong’s “Poppy House is this fatalism with the blood of the thinking in together: Is it really the vicissitudes of blood gas rhythm? If the answer is yes, then what are the reasons for the formation of that rhythm? In addition to lust (lechery enough to harm life), are there any other reasons? Those Ray Ban Wayfarer mighty big family will soon be ruined, and finally become a well-known giants the unknown small family after generations of struggle, outside the political strategy, military strength, economic reasons, there is no blood gas factors? …… Who can answer this question?

    The fate of the human mystery of flesh and blood. Su Tong concluded in the exploration of the mystery of human nature.

    Su Tong’s “Cultural Revolution” memory, on the other hand, is different from the participation in the generation of the “Cultural Revolution”. In a series of his works Remembrance of the “Cultural Revolution”, recorded at the edge of the mainstream of the “Cultural Revolution”, http://www.raybansunglasses-au.com/ the children of those who muddle impetuous rootless cruel youth. He has a collection of short stories “Young Blood” is a vivid portrayal of the cruel youthful memories. , “Tattoo Age” recorded between youth gangs, Ray Ban Sunglasses a massive blood brawl “,” crazy, crazy gang kids, they fight red eyes, who do not fear death. They heard the knife pierce the flesh similar blisters tumbling sound, they also heard the crowd go crazy teenager almost have a funny nickname popular, such as soup commander, Matsui, Zuo Shandiao, WANG Lian cite Ray Ban eyeglasses nose, black X, tufts, kill the embryo . those kids are really crazy, several eyewitnesses shook his head, raised his hand and exaggerated gestures, you stabbed me with a knife, I almost splashed our brick kilns hack your blood beads. ” wave brawl was a clean sweep, another reversal there to drink the blood alliance. The “Warrior brand sneakers describes a juvenile for a pair of shoes and between” blood curse “. Afternoon Story “also recorded a fight between a juvenile with murder, Young Blood” purple purple, sticky and thick, abnormally intense color. These stories on juvenile brawl with Wang Shuo “ferocious animal” with depictions of juvenile brawl, write Another of the “Cultural Revolution” in the social scars: not to defend Chairman Mao’s revolutionary line “and resorting to violence, and to juvenile ignorant, ignorant, feisty bloody brawl. Teenagers between the endless fights often occurred. This fight is proof Buy Ray Ban Glasses of evil human nature.

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    2012 Chinese writer Rich List main list published recently, followed by 2012 the the Chinese Writers richest sub-list - Internet writer Rich List announced compare two list very interesting. The main list Royalty income of the top three were ZhengYuanJie (26 million), Mo Yan (21,500,000) and Yang Hongying (20 million). Royalty income from the first three sub-list for Tang three (33,000,000), I eat tomatoes (21,000,000) the the Antheraea potatoes (18,000,000). In other words, the network writers of the highest income has more than a paper book writer. The age of the top three in the main list of 57-year-old, 57-year-old and 50-year-old Ray Ban Sale child’s list of the top three age is 31 years old, 25 years old and 23 years old, apparently there is a gap of age. Youth literature writers on the main list young child on the list is exclusively young people.

    The paper book writer can not communicate with the network Writers shoulder to shoulder on the number and speed of creation. Tang three little creation of up to a year to write four million words, can the speed of 140 words per minute, he insisted on creating one hour, all of his works there are http://www.iraybansunglassesuk.com/ 26.9 million words. It is reported that at present, the Internet novel of the royalties is 1000 words 2 cents. In addition, the writers can Fashion RB Sunglasses a commission of about 70% of the charges read in from readers. General network literature of the year of the creation of the amount of not less than 200 million words. Previously, Tang three little together with Yu Hua and Liu Zhen, Jia was elected to the Chinese Writers Association, the scope of the Eighth National Committee, but the list is still no him into the mainstream writers. In media vote whether or elected writer network literature as a separate volume.

    Update speed of literature and creative strength of the network, only the young writers can withstand. Accordingly, their works are owned by young readers. I eat the tomatoes that invented the “White Man”, which means straightforward Ray Ban Hot Sale language, without modification, the writing is poor. Reading network literature, reader is also Yimushihang to seek only the pleasure of reading speed reading experience. Here merely referred to the leader of the richest online Ray Ban 2012 writers network of all-inclusive, social sciences, Ray Ban Sunglasses science, commentary in various fields has a network of writers, the wording varied, uneven level, but which can be profitable to make a living, Currently, only the network literature writers. In the the main standings, South Pine Uncle, when the moon and others has also been known to network literature. A couple of days ago, I once interviewed a former network known literary writers, now is the best-selling author. He Ray Ban Wayfarer Outlet does not recognize its own network literature writers, just stressed horizon posting serialized before, he had articles published in newspapers and magazines, and has always been serious literary authors. Be seen, once the network literature writers transformation of the publishing industry, there feeling Carp jump Dragon.

    Network literature production, lengthy and costly Mi If the printed paper book. Diversified modern life in the pursuit of efficiency through the network platform, just play to its strengths. New media really to develop, we should first improve the status of the original online literary writers begin a new platform can really replace the old platform, must have a good reputation with genuine quality assurance, and to attract first-rate writer creation. How to enhance the network platform for creators, especially the high level creators attraction, the direction of new media publishing efforts.

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